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Hi friend!

Nice to meet you!

Hi friend!

I'm Sarah Cupples. A user-centred designer from Northern Ireland. I’m passionate about creating meaningful work that makes users experiences better, and that tells a story along the way. I'm currently studying Interaction Design at the Belfast School of Art, and broadening my design skills daily.

What Can I Do For You?
Illustration led me to design. It's one of my oldest passions, and enabled me to develop a very visual design process. It feeds into most of what I do.
Creating a great user experience is central to my design process. I have tried my hand from usability testing to eye tracking.
The backbone of everything I design, wireframing made me a stronger designer.
I have studied and experimented in a range of design fields, enablign me to keep my mind open to endless possibilities and hone my design thinking skills.
I keep the user at the heart of all my work. Accessibility and usability are central to what I do, and I always aim to create engaging and beautifully designed experiences.
Data visualisation is an unexpected passion of mine. There's just something special about moulding the complex into something visual and simple.